Where are you Yeezy?

Since his latest public embarrassment at the MTV Video Awards and subsequent fail on Jay Leno’s new digs, Mr. West has been relatively quiet. Here is my open letter to “The New Elvis” (with apologies to Kool Keith):

Thank you, Kanye. The longer you stay out of the spotlight, the fewer opportunities you give me to be conflicted about my opinion of you. You have made some music that, as much as your douchebaggery makes me want to deny, is some of the best of the decade. But by continuing to soil your pants in front of the whole world, you become harder and harder to support. That said, your Russell Jones impression was pretty fucking G’d up, so I’ll give you a pass on that one.

With your constant fuckery, the one incident I will never forgive now seems like ancient history. During your 2006 stop in The Land of Happiness for the MTV Europe Awards, you made your bum rushing debut and made your now-infamous ignorance known to the world.

Having recently tried unsuccessfully to delve into the trendy world of electro, I came away feeling like I haven’t popped nearly enough pills to fully embrace the genre. That said, several acts have caught my attention including Justice, the French duo responsible for creating the video that beat you out in ’06 and got your LV panties in a bunch. While sifting YouTube for their past hits, I came across the winning video for their remix of Simian’s “We are Your Friends.” I came away highly impressed and further convinced that you are, as Obama put it, a jackass.

You admitted on stage that you hadn’t seen the video. Well, I’ll let you be the judge.

(Couldn’t find an embeddable version. Fucking tricksters.)

Ironically, you speak on losing credibility. Bold move for someone who had just done something as shortsighted and RTRD’D as you. You can blame the Louis all you want, but last time I checked that excuse was reserved for high school girls after waking up in the backup quarterback’s bed. If you can’t act right when you’re “sippy-sippin,” perhaps you should stick to wine coolers. And it certainly doesn’t excuse the fact that, regardless of your cameos and budget, your video wasn’t that hot. Or the fact that YOU ADMITTED TO NOT SEEING THE WINNING VIDEO!

Could you sink any lower? Of course you could. Instead of sticking to your word or even admitting that your video didn’t stand up to that of Justice vs. Simian, you decided to bite their style. For “Stronger,” your most successful single to date, you jacked incorporated the vogue electro sound in a blatant attempt to garner of club spins. Alright, cool. Another pass granted. Every artist wants to broaden their appeal, so I can see your motivation. But then you went out and stole Justice’s (superfresh) video concept for your next effort, never giving them any credit for helping shape your ever-changing tastes.


[livevideo id=F7D13D81397C4A61BF231B8D7087F247/440517/good-life-kanye-west-feat-t.aspx]
Good Life – Kanye West Feat. T-Pain VIDEO EXPLICIT UNCUT

Dope video? Yes. But as someone who claims and wants so badly to be the defining artist of the present generation, I figure you would see the value in originality. Do you, fam. And if you choose not to, give credit where credit is due.

Your Humble Narrator.


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