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The One, The Only.

A while back, I posted a compilation of work by the greatest hip-hop producer of all-time — OF ALL-TIME — Jay Dee. The “Anthology” project acted as a good introduction to Dilla’s work and contained some of the best known tracks of his unappreciated career.

If you liked what you heard or you’re a longtime fan, a new, three part, 200 song (!) mixtape venture by Just Dizle (ugh) is a more thorough recap of Mr. Yancey’s best. And if you are not into keeping it thorough, you are on the wrong blog.

Part 1
1.Crustation – Purple (A Tribe Called Quest Edit)
2.Pharcyde – She Said (Jay Dee Remix)
3.Mos Def – Can U See The Pride In The Panther (Jay Dee Remix)
4.Bizarre – Butterfly
5.Erykah Badu – My Life
6.Pharcyde – Splattitorium
7.Busta Rhymes – Show Me What You Got
8.Busta Rhymes – It’s A Party (The Ummah Remix)
9.D’Angelo – Those Dreaming Eyes (Jay Dee Remix)
10.Busta Rhymes – It Ain’t Safe No More
11.Common – Soul Power
12.De La Soul – Peer Pressure ft B-Real
13.Frank-N-Dank – Afterparty
14.Phife Dawg – Ya Heard Me
15.Common – The Questions
16.Toshi Kubota – Nothing But Your Love (Jay Dee Remix)
17.Commom – It’s Your World
18.A Tribe Called Quest – That Shit
19.Janet Jackson – Got Till It’s Gone (Ummah Jay Dee Mix)
20.A Tribe Called Quest – Da Booty
21.De La Soul – Stakes Is High
22.Pharcyde – Somethin That Mean Somethin’
23.Common – Dooinit
24.DJ Jazzy Jeff – Are You Ready
25.A Tribe Called Quest – 1nce Again
26.Mad Skillz – The Jam
27.5 Elementz – You Ain’t Fresh
28.Busta Rhymes – What Up
29.De La Soul – Much More
30.A Tribe Called Quest – Stressed Out (Baby Phife Version)
31.Pharcyde – Y?
32.Pharcyde – Y (Jay Dee Remix)
33.Slum Village – Players
34.Faith Evans – You Used To Love Me (Ummah Remix)
35.Pharcyde – Runnin
36.Keith Murray – Dangerous Ground
37.Frank-N-Dank – Ma Dukes
38.Keith Murray – The Rhyme (Slum Village Remix)
39.A Tribe Called Quest – Find A Way
40.Q-Tip – Let’s Ride
41.The Roots – Dynamite
42.LSK – Hate Or Love (remix ft Dwele and Jay Dee)
43.Steve Spacek – Dollar$
44.Craig Mack – Get Down (Q-Tip Remix)
45.Bahamadia – One-4-Teen (Jay Dee Remix)
46.Frank-N-Dank – Pimp Strut
47.A Tribe Called Quest – Steppin It Up
48.Common – The Light
49.Phife Dawg – Ben Dova
50.Med – So Real
51.Pharcyde – Drop
52.Med – Push
53.Q-Tip – Vivrant Thing
54.Slum Village – Who Are We
55.Jaylib -The Official

Part 2
2.Common – A Film Called Pimp
3.Copywrite – Clap
4.Illa J – R U Listenin
5.J.Dilla – Lightworks (Flying Lotus Remix)
6.J.Dilla – Dill Shady Stands Up
7.Madlib – Take It Back
8.J. Dilla – BodyMovin w/ JRocc
9.J.Dilla – In The Streets
10.J.Dilla -Stop
11.J.Dilla – Vibeout
12.Slum Village – Hoes
13.Slum Village- Keep It On
14.Mood – Secrets Of The Sand (JayDee Remix)
15.Frank-N-Dank – Okay
16.Jay Dee-Featuring Phat Kat
17.Common – So Far To Go ft D’Angelo
18.Common – Love Is
19.1st Down – It Don’t Get No Liver Than This
20.Slum Village – Fantastic (original)
21.Guilty Simpson- Stress
22.Q-Tip – End Of Time
23.Slum Village – The Things You Do
24.Innerzone Orchestra – People Make The World Go Round (remix)
25.Cypress Hill – Illusions (Q-Tip Remix)
26.Slum Village – Fall In Love
27.Pharcyde- Bullshit
28.Phat Kat – Door ft J.Dilla& Fat Ray
29.Big L – Flamboyant (Dilla Remix)
30.Que D – Michelle
31.Jaylib – The Red
32.J Dilla – Laurin Hill Rejectoid Instrumental
33.Chino XL- Don’t Say A Word
34.Frank-N-Dank – Everybody Get Up
35.J.Dilla – Circus
36.Common – Payback is A Grandmother
37.Slum Village -I Don’t Know
38.Slum Village – Closer
39.A Tribe Called Quest – Rock n Roll (jay Dee Remix)
40.Slum Village – Forth& Back
41.The Roots – Can’t Stop This
42.Nine Yards – Find A Way (Jay Dee Remix)
43.A Tribe Called Quest – Keeping It Moving
44.J.Dilla – Jungle Love w/ med & Guilty Simpson
45.A Tribe Called Quest – The Love
46.Michael Jackson – History (The Ummah Dj Mix)
47.J.Dilla – Won’t Do
48.Slum Village – Tainted
49.Brand New Heavies – Sometimes (Ummah Remix)
50.Jay Dee – B.B.E.
51.Slum Village – We Be Dem (Remix)
52.De La Soul – Thru Your City
53.Big Herk,MC Breed, Slum Village – It’s On
54.Phat Kat – Destiny
55.J.Dilla – On Stilts
56.Common – Come Close (Remix)
57.Guru – Certified ft Bilal
58.J.Dilla – Ya’ll Ain’t Ready
59.Common – Heat
60.Busta Rhymes – Live It Up
61.J. Dilla – The Diff’rence
62.Jaylib – Raw Shit ft Talib Kweli
63.Frank-N-Dank – Ya’ll Don’t Want it
64.J.Dilla – I Told Ya’ll
65.1st Down – A Day Wit The Homiez
66.Jay Dee – Fuck Da Police
67.Frank-N-Dank – MCA
68.Jay Dee – Pause
69.Slum Village – Raise It Up
70.J.Dilla – Come Get It
71.Slum Village – Climax (Girl Shit)

Part 3
1.Mr Shakes
2.Erykah Badu – Didn’t Cha Know
3.Macy Gray – I Try (Jay Dee Remix)
4.J Dilla – Kalimba
5.Erykah Badu – Kiss Me On My Neck
6.Dwele – Cheap
7.Jay Dee – Fuck All Night
8.Jay Dee – Gobstopper
9.1st Down – Front Street
10.J Dilla – Grind For Real
11.Ghostface Killah – Whip You With A Strap
12.Lucy Pearl – Without You (Jay Dee Remix)
13.Carl Craig ft J Dilla – Make The World Go Round
14.J Dilla – Flyyy
15.Busta Rhymes – Keep It Moving
16.J Dilla – Dime Piece (Remix) ft Dwele
17.Illa J – Sounds Like Love
18.DJ Cam & Cameo – Love Junkee (Jay Dee Remix)
19.Proof – Vibe Session
20.Baatin – Magic
21.Dabrye – Game Over ft Jay Dee & Phat Kat
22.Busta Rhymes – Still Shining
23.De La Soul – Stakes Is High (Alternate Remix)
24.Little Indian – One Little Indian (Jay Dee Remix)
25.Jaylib – Strapped ft Guilty Simpson
26.J Dilla – Grannie
27.J Dilla – See That Boy Fly ft Illa J & Cue D
28.Raekwon – 10 Bricks
29.J Dilla – Was Da Da Dang
30.Frank’n’Dank – Xotic Dancer ft Kardinal Offishall
31.J Dilla – Fire Wood Drumstix ft Doom
32.Spacek – Eve (Jay Dee Remix)
33.Phife Dawg – Game Day
34.J Dilla – Over The Breaks
35.ASD – Komm Schon
36.Lawless Elements – Love ft J Dilla
37.A Tribe Called Quest – Motivators
38.Slum Village – Groove
39.Slum Village – Yes Ya’ll
40.J Dilla – Red LIght ft J Davey
41.J Dilla – Nasty Ain’t It
42.Jaylib – The Mission
43.Phat Kat – 1000 NIggaz ft Obie Trice, Lee Louis, La Peace
44.J Dilla – Dilla Bot vs The Hybrid
45.Common – In The Light ft Erykah Badu
46.Jaylib – Raw Addict
47.Oh No – MOve pt2 ft J Dilla & Roc C
48.J Dilla – 24k Rap ft Havoc
49.Slum Village – Let’s Go
50.Jaylib – Military Minded
51.J Dilla & Dj Quik – Get Down Instrumental
52.J Dilla – Tha Shining
53.Slum Village – All y’all
54.Sa-Ra Creative Partners – THrilla
55.J Dilla – Pop Shit w Dracula
56.J Dilla – Breathe & Stop (Original instrumental)
57.J DIlla – E=MC2 ft Common
58.Talib KWeli – STand To The Side
59.J Dilla – RIco Suave Bossa Nova
60.Slum Village – Go Ladies
61.Royce Da 5′9″ – Let’s Grow
62.Jay Dee – You Hot
63.Four Tet – Serious As Life ft Guilty SImpson
64.Jay Dee – The $
65.Platinum Pied Pipers – Shotgun Intro
66.B.R. Gunna – Do Ya Thang
67.Slum Village – The Look OF Love pt 2
68.Phat Kat – Don’t Nobody Care About Us
69.Jaylib – ice ft Medaphoar
70.Jay Dee – Plastic Dreams (Original Mix)

And the Winner is… YN and Crew


Back Like I Never Left.

Not like anyone really gives a fuck, but I’d like to apologize for slacking on the soundtrack. The past week has probably been one of the most whirlwind of my life. Between supernatural encounters, a new shawty in my life, preparing 5-year-olds for a Christmas show, and icing out with international celebrity DJs, I’ve had trouble finding time for bloggin. Consider this a catch-up.

Dim Makin’

This past weekend, Dim Mak CEO and electro music pioneer Steve Aoki, rolled through Taipei City for a performance at Luxy. With party photographer Mark Hunter in tow, Aoki had the packed house sloppy and sweaty with a plethora of banging club hits. Though the music falls outside of my typical tastes, the genre is slowly growing on me and it was a fucking wild party. Check out Aoki’s remix of Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” below (or search YouTube) if you are unfamiliar with the product.

It was also a great opportunity for the 1ncoming Magazine fam (who I am currently doing some English editing and composition for) to holler at a couple of the scene’s true pioneers and tastemakers. When I was approached about doing a the interviews, I quickly agreed and got on my research grind. Thanks to the humility and approachability of Kid Millionaire and The Cobrasnake, both sessions went really well. The video of interview should be available soon, and I’ll let ya’ll know when it is. For now, peep The Cobrasnake’s photos of the event and his time exploring TPE. And keep an eye out from a couple cameos from your humble narrator and Steve dipped in 1ncoming’s exclusive “We (HEART) Taiwan” design. – Off The Deep End (The Party) – Taiwan Adventure

Special thanks to the Godfather at 1ncoming (that’s him snapping back in the second photo), the ladies at Dancing Through Sunday, and Steve and Mark for bringing all of this together. Support Dim Mak. Big tings.

Jay Elec-Hanukkah

Jay Electronica – “Exhibit C” (prod. Just Blaze) (Right-Click, Save As… to DL)

*Hands in late pass.*

This one has been floating around for a while, but after reading Just Blaze’s plea to stop piracy, I wanted to give everyone a chance to get this one through legal means (iTunes?) before I put it up. But if you love hip-hop, you NEED this in your life. Consider it a late Christmas gift. Track of the year? Definitely a strong candidate. This makes me a) miss Just Blaze being so productive in the game and b) crave more from Jay (fuck it, Hov or Electronica is hoooe-kay with me). A follow-up to the super-dope “Exhibit A (Transfomations),” Jus’ lays an indisputable banger for Jay to lay his appropriately monotone wordplay. Dudes are simultaneously taking it back to the essence and taking hip-hop to new places. Certified Grade A product.

Backpackers Delight

Statik Selektah f/ Talib Kweli, Termanology, and Royce the 5’9 – “Come Around”

And I leave you with a really dope cut from a new project from Statik Selektah in conjucntion with Reflection Eternal. Here, the Beantown Boss brings together a trio of my favorite lyricits from a variety of levels of the game. First up, Talib Kweli reps for the concious heads, followed by one of my favorite up-and-comers (no homo) Termanology, and Royce the 5’9 running the anchor leg and proving why he is one of the best and most underrated emcees to ever pick up the mic. Not to be outdone, Statik does a nice job on the production. But it’s the lyricism that shines here. Be on the lookout for Statik’s Re:Union Mixtape.

Props: Spine

I’d also like to let you know that my “Best of the Decade” feature will continue. With the aforementioned things poppin’ off in my life, it’s become more of a monthly project instead of a weekly thing. But 2002 should be coming soon.

Until next time.


All Rapped Up.

Being Christmas and all, figure I’d share this gift with you. This is lyric-listeners wet dream; quite the team of emcees on this Hi-Tek beat. Apparently from the upcoming Reflection Eternal project entitled Revolutions Per Minute, we get expectedly on-point verses from Kweli, Mos Def, Jay Electronica and fast-rising J. Cole.

Reflection Eternal f/ Mos Def, Jay Electronica, and J. Cole – Just Begun (Right-Click, “Save Target As…” to DL)

Spotted: The Backbone

Be on the lookout for some exclusive content next week. I know it’s outside my typical realm, but I’ll be spending some time this weekend with hipster electro trendsetters Steve Aoki and Mark “The Cobrasnake” Hunter. Big tings poppin.


Iron Mic.

I love amateur rappers. No homo. They provide me with LOLs for days. Some of us were turned on to the legendary Iron Mic Battle Circut, live from the ATL, when Eli Porter, arguably the best who ever deeed it, ate Envy for breakfast. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, catch up.

Inspired Eli’s microphone wrecking, others have decided to attempt to recapture his glory on the Iron Mic stage. First up, we have Alphabet Soup trying his hand versus Lev aka Levidacus aka Levi Hendrix.

Gotta give props to Lev for taking it international on Soup’s ass, even butchering a Chinese phrase that he most likely looked up on Google translator. That’s what freestyle battling is all about; splattering your rhymes using a multitude of languages and prepared punchlines. Right?

So the good folks at Iron Mic determined that Lev’s legendary debut warranted a return. Next on Levasuarus Rex’s plate? J-Werk. Peep game.

What does this all lead up to? I think it’s obvious that its time for an epic Eli vs. Lev battle, live from the Chamblee Charter School communications lab. Shit is quickly becoming the new Apollo. So if you are a fan of hardcore rapz and top-of-the-dome brilliance, put a pen to pad and write the Iron Mic organizers to ensure that we don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to take hip-hop to a higher level.

Spotted: Mishka NYC

Lev returned home to Chamblee’s tech hall for a group cypher. Third up on the mic. This time, he gets the opportunity to son 5 emcees. 5-for-1 special. K-Mart, eat your heart out.



Don’t expect Dilla related posts to stop. Ever.

Slum Village has long been one of my favorite acts in music, possibly because of the involvement and association of Mr. Yancey. Though the lyrical content of their early work left something to be desired, they have really stepped their pen-game up since the addition of Elzhi in 2002 as Dilla’s replacement on the mic (though he continued to contribute production.)

If you’re unfamiliar, get familiar (no Clinton Sparks) by listening to original member T3 spit game on SV’s history.

On early career:

On working with The God:

This is all acts as a Preface to a new free project from Elzhi. All of his solo work has been ill so far, and this here is a compilation of cutting-room floor material from said projects. Enjoy.

Elzhi – The Leftovers Unmixedtape

Spotted: Fellow Taiwan blogger HHHT



I really thought CURTIS’ career was over, and Soundscan figures for his recent release Before I Self Destruct would agree. Hov outsold 50 this week, even though Blueprint 3 was released more than two months prior. Perhaps he has already self destructed.

But in the opinion of your humble narrator, this is easily the best material 50 has put out since 2005’s The Massacre. After a few weeks in rotation, I’ve come away impressed. Mr. Jackson will never be confused with Rakim when it comes to lyrical prowess, but he is touching on a wider variety of topics and has certainly showed progression as an emcee.

Here is the official video for his latest single, “Do You Think About Me?” The track is solid, but the video shines, especially if you are familiar with the background. The video features a trio of high-profile rappers’ ex-girls, namely Nate Dogg’s former boo Tamala Jones, ex-Joe Budden jump-off Tahiry, and surprisingly 50’s own blast from the past, Vivica A. Fox. Regardless of your opinion of 50, no one can argue that the man doesn’t have some serious gall.

Spotted: OnSmash
OnSmash won’t let me embed. Fugg ’em.

Bonus: Another slept on gem from Curtsy. The iTunes bonus from his last LP Curtis.



I love free music. That is, the kind I don’t have to steal; the kind that is designed to be released at a grand total of free-ninety-nine.

Here, the crew at Adult Swim have collaborated with some of finest names in electronic hip-hop production to create a surprisingly fresh original remix project in honor of the release of Rockstar Games’ new Beaterator. Featuring production from the likes of El-P, Flying Lotus, Dam-Funk, and Prefuse 73, this release offers an alternative take on tracks from some of ATL’s most notorious trap rappers such as Young Jeezy, Gucci Maine, and Pill.

For those of you who don’t include ballin’ as a hobby or have distaste for the simplistic beats and rhymes typically coming out of Hotlanta or the Dirty-Dirty in general, this one seems to be aimed at you. An interesting and creative legal download, at the very least.

Adult Swim + Beaterator = ATL RMX