Iron Mic.

I love amateur rappers. No homo. They provide me with LOLs for days. Some of us were turned on to the legendary Iron Mic Battle Circut, live from the ATL, when Eli Porter, arguably the best who ever deeed it, ate Envy for breakfast. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, catch up.

Inspired Eli’s microphone wrecking, others have decided to attempt to recapture his glory on the Iron Mic stage. First up, we have Alphabet Soup trying his hand versus Lev aka Levidacus aka Levi Hendrix.

Gotta give props to Lev for taking it international on Soup’s ass, even butchering a Chinese phrase that he most likely looked up on Google translator. That’s what freestyle battling is all about; splattering your rhymes using a multitude of languages and prepared punchlines. Right?

So the good folks at Iron Mic determined that Lev’s legendary debut warranted a return. Next on Levasuarus Rex’s plate? J-Werk. Peep game.

What does this all lead up to? I think it’s obvious that its time for an epic Eli vs. Lev battle, live from the Chamblee Charter School communications lab. Shit is quickly becoming the new Apollo. So if you are a fan of hardcore rapz and top-of-the-dome brilliance, put a pen to pad and write the Iron Mic organizers to ensure that we don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to take hip-hop to a higher level.

Spotted: Mishka NYC

Lev returned home to Chamblee’s tech hall for a group cypher. Third up on the mic. This time, he gets the opportunity to son 5 emcees. 5-for-1 special. K-Mart, eat your heart out.


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