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Get Right.

More singles and videos for my legions.

Kid N Play

The man responsible for one of the most popular choices for “Hip-Hop Album on ’09” hasn’t stayed out of the news for two long. Perhaps if Scotty is finished with punching fans, dissing Nardwuar and getting all aggy about industry politikin’, he can get back to what he does best. Here he goes in on a Vampire Weekend sample. You be the judge. Peep the “video” (that really has cats living away from the Great Green White North feeling real nostalgic about now) at the link below.

Kid CuDi – CudderisBack (Video)

Funk Doc

It’s been a sizable chunk of time since I’ve listened to anything from Redman other than a throwback. With the release of his new effort Reggie Noble 9 1/2 pending, it sounds like Red is back on his bullshit.

Redman – Oh My

Stat and Cons

I admittedly have a substantial bias against YTs on the mic. But some of my pasty comrades put in heavy work behind the boards. Clearly inspired by Primo and the Gods of the Golden Era, Statik Selektah has become one of the most consistent producers in the game. Here, Consequence provides some bars for Selektah’s 100 Proof due February 2nd.

Statik Selektah f/ Consequence – Life is Short

The Apple Stay Rotten

Three the hard way. Pause. Tony, Chef, and The Aziatic go in on a grimy Green Lantern beat for an upcoming compilation project from DJ Kay Slay (FUCKING FAGGOTS!) in stores February 9th. Thankfully, The Drama King doesn’t need to ruin this one with his drops. Straight New York. Minus points for the wack cuts on the hook.

DJ Kay Slay f/ AZ, Raekwon & Ghostface – See The Light

The Slaughta Continues

Slaugtahouse frenimies Mouse Budden(s) and Royce (still one of the most underrated) go head to head over production from Soulsearchin. Punchlines for days. Tell me these dudes can’t rap.

Royce da 5’9 and Joe Budden – 40/40


Say what you want about Officer Ricky, but dude stays productive. Rawse embarks on a sequel to Deeper Than Rap‘s street single “Mafia Music,” produced this go round by The Olympiks. I’m reluctant to admit I’m a big fan of Ricky, but his flow is masterful, he’s displayed a pertinence for creating deep tracks with a definitive epic quality like this one, and Deeper than Rap was one of my favorite releases of 2009. He’s growing as an emcee, and his wordplay is getting nastier with each release. I’m patiently waiting on Teflon Don, the apparent source of this gem.

Rick Ross – Mafia Music

Quit Playin’ Them Childish Games With Grown Men

Another drop from Consequence, this time with everyone’s favorite fratboy by his side. Mr. Attic with a standout beat, Statik Selektah on the cuts. Cons’ new mixtape Movies on Demand dropping next month. Sample on this be rugged like Rwanda.

Consequence f/ Asher Roth – Childish Games

Finding Forever Again

An unreleased cut from Lonnie’s Finding Forever recording sessions. Com still goes hard – pause – but peep the way that producer Kareem Riggins deploys the sample on the beat. Detroit stand up.

Common – Next Time (Unreleased)

A Milli

No Weezy. AZ reappears on this leak from a forthcoming project. Produced by Toronto native and frequent Ghostface collaborator MoSs, scratches again by Statik Selektah.

AZ – I’m Ill


A double header of material from my home and native land.

First up, a MTL-TO connection. Two of the most recognizable figures on the Canadian hip-hop landscape (sorry, J-Beats) link up for this one, as Fool’s Gold boss A-Trak laces Drake and Cash Money comrades’ “Money to Blow” with a higher tempo, electro beat. A-Trak’s remix works well, but save the hard drive space if you are not a fan of club music. If you don’t understand the title of this one, off yourself or wiki that business. Be on the look out for A-Trak’s Dirty South Dance Vol. 2.
A-Trak – Loonies to Blow

Take this man off the milk carton. A staple of the Toronto hip-hop scene reemerges with a strong single that has garnered buzz mainly because of the 6 degrees: producer Tone Mason is rumored to be handling the upcoming Hov collabo for Drake’s highly-anticipated debut Thank Me Later. If this is any indication, it should be something to look forward to.

Saukrates – Wednesday


For my fellow loop diggers, this one is a treat. If you ever questioned RZA’s genius, take heed. Dude’s ear for samples is straight tiger style. Inside the mind of The Abbot.



Not that I’m opposed to a little music thievery every day once in a while, but I’m more inclined to post the stuff that artists release themselves for free. Here are a couple blue light specials from the past week or so.


No homo? So homo. Cameron Giles drops new mixtape hosted by the always-annoying DJ Drama. I fucking hate DJ drops, and Drama nearly ruins everything he touches by overdoing it to the Nth degree. Regardless, Cam is his usual shallow self, but comes through on the entertainment tip. KILLA.

DJ Drama presents Cam’ron – Boss of All Bosses 2


Speaking of mindless-yet-entertaining lyrical drivel, Diplo (who is rolling through Taipei this Thursday night) and his comrades at Mad Decent have recycled some of Radric’s most poignant hilarious lyrics from his Cold War mixtape series for a hipster-hop fan’s wet dream. Hate aside, this joint actually produced an enjoyably fresh sound. Too bad there is no WI-FI in the big house. Cold in that cell, Guc? BRRR!

Diplo presents Gucci Mane – Free Gucci: The Best of The Cold War Mixtapes

BONUS: Gucci Mane – “Excuse Me” (Memory Tapes Remix)

Under the Radar

Besides being on Hov’s dick like a pair of Hanes boxers-briefs, Elliot Wilson a.k.a. YN and his protege B. Dot have done a good job over at RapRadar since opening their doors domain in early ’09. Now, they have teamed with DJ Soul and collected breaks and samples from some of 2009’s biggest hip-hop records for the site’s first official mixtape release. For follow loop diggers our there, this is a good look.

DJ Soul X RR – No Idea’s Original

Nu Wu

Unmatched consistency. “Like the drugs that Hendrix was on.” Four of the finest horsemen: The Chef, Pretty Tone, Golden Arms, Iron Lung. Pardon the quality.

Wu-Tang – “Clap 2010”
(Right-Click, “Save Target As…”)

Admittedly haven’t copped this one myself. This guy Elite is responsible for some of the best production from President Carter co-signee and Roc Nation employee J. Cole. Mostly (all?) instrumental. I’ve read good things. See for yourself.

Elite – The Groundwork Mixtape

That is all.


Video Kills.

Yes, I’ve been quite tardy again. No real excuse this time.

Anyway, here are a few visuals that have seized my eye (for better or worse) since the beginning of the one-oh.

It’s All About Progression

Hov’s latest Blueprint may have been the most polarizing album of 2009. Dick riders ride, haters hate. That’s how it goes. Me? Shit has certainly grown on me. I think it’s a testament to Mr. Carter’s broad appeal that there seems to be no unanimous choice if you ask listeners for a favorite selection from the album. This Swizzy-produced track isn’t one of my choice cuts, but I’ve heard it mentioned as one of the albums best. Call me old fashioned. Still, the video is pure eye candy and has caused quite a buzz due to some pretty graphic imagery. Flaming basketballs? Check. Blood on Damien Hirst’s hands? Check. Future Rocafella/Illuminati collabo? Fuckouttahere. Regardless, director Sam Brown did a nice job this time ’round.

Wheelchair Jimmy

Degrassi Unscripted

While we are on the polarizing tip, here is a peek into the life of Aubrey Graham before he became your girlfriend’s favorite rapper. I really don’t understand all the hate for Drizzy; So Far Gone dominated my 2009 playlists, and I’m not even mad (c)Ron Burgundy. He reps the greatest city in the world, he’s humble, he’s multi-talented, and as this video proves, dood is real. Sure, he raps and sings about his mom and insecurities (Let’s toast to the fact that I moved out my momma basement / To a condo downtown because its all about location). But I’ll never hate on any artist for sticking to what they know as opposed to promoting a destructive, imagined lifestyle (see: Prodigy in tights.) Mazal tav, Aubrey. Just make sure you don’t disappoint with Thank Me Later.

Ramble John is Back

It’s been three years since RJD2’s last solo effort “The Third Hand” and nearly six since he last put out an album that I dug. Quite the lay-off for the man who ran the backpack scene in the first half of the decade. Last year, RJ opened his own label, RJ’s Electrical Connections, and will be re-entering the production game with a new album titled The Colossus next week. Above is a dope visual for the album’s first single, “Let There Be Horns.”

Nooooo, boy!

Aside from a guest appearance on De La Soul’s The Grind Date, Billy Drayton Jr. hasn’t done a damn thang worth discussing in over a decade. It’s no surprise, then, that he is once again a laughing stock in this video from an upcoming solo venture. Still, this may be a new all-time low for a dude who had a heavy hand in creating some of the most raw and pervasive rap records to ever hit the streets. Just stop, Flav.


Steve Breaston Oozes Machismo

For the fans of classic WWF. Go Cards.

Fails on Fails

Press mute and enjoy 7 minutes of failure.



Above is the album art for one of the most slept-on albums of the past decade, Blu and Exile’s 2007 masterpiece Below the Heavens. The critical acclaim was there; sadly, mass acceptance was not. It’s on my personal shortlist for “album of the decade” consideration. Top 5 easy. On-point production, poignant rhymes, simultaneously fresh and nostalgic. If you don’t have it in your vinyl CD iTunes library, beleive me when I say you are missing out.

Blu was on fiyahhh (no M.O.P.) in 2007 and 2008, putting out a trio of fine albums (see: C.R.A.C. Knuckles with Ta’Raach and Johnson & Jonson with Mainframe) and earning a spot in XXL’s Class of ’09. But strangely, he was AWOL for the entire year.

Now, Blu rings in 2010 with a his highly-awaited mixtape, theGODleeBarnes(lp). Pardon the quality for now (free release, people) and the single mp3 file, and just listen. Not much skip-worthy material here, anyway.

Blu – theGODleeBarnes(lp)