Reoccuring Theme.

It seems I’m making excuses every time I make a new post. Not that anyone is reading this, but I’d like to keep my things on a more consistent basis.

My bad.

Meanwhile, I’ve been literally loungin’ with koalas and kangaroos down-under.

Then, I felt it my duty as a hot-blooded carnivore to teach young homies a lesson about Darwinism and the food chain. Who knew a giant mouse would taste so good?

Throw another shrimp ‘roo on the barby.

I returned from my impromptu vacaaaaation (no Jeezy) on the first day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. To bring in the Year of the Tiger (no cheater), we decided to drive most of Taiwans west coast in the cold rain. Piss poor idea. Anyway, I’m back into my routine and ready to ensure my legions of one or two faithful readers are tuned in. To all my peoples who keep clock by the moon, 新年快樂.

As for my CD deck hard drive, it has been a slow first quarter as expected. Very few official releases have been shelling out 300 hard earned NT dollars, and outside of a couple of mixtape releases, shit has been dryer than Grandma’s shortbread.

Second quarter, however, seems to be shaping up quite nicely and one of the projects that has me fiending is Ski Beatz’ upcoming 24-Hour Karate School mixtape.

When I intially heard Dame Dash was re-entering the hip-hop game after falling flat broke following his departure from Def Jam, I dismissed the attempt as another failed attempt to reclaim Rocafella glory, sans Mr. Carter. I was wrong. Dame has returned with a fresh approach, bringing some of the genre’s certified legends together with fast-rising newbs to create hip-hop’s answer to Andy Warhol’s Factory. First up was the dope BlakRoc collaborative LP, and now Dame is sponsoring the career revitalization of Ski Beatz, another key ingredient in the rise of The Roc. Ski was behind the boards for some of Jiggaman’s early classics (“Streets is Watchin'” comes to mind) as well as much of Camp Lo’s debut album (yes, “Luccini” is his beat), establishing himself as one of the industry’s finest beat makers.

Then he fell off the map. Now, after several years on the milk carton, Ski is back with a cast lead by Mos Def, Jay Electronica (fuck that, Jay ElecHanukkah), The Cool Kids, and Wiz Khalifa. While some of the other FOB emcees don’t blow me away [pause] in this promo (see Rugz’ superhomo “Super Bad”), the production seems solid across the board and the presence of the aforementioned veterans should make this one more than bumpable. Check here for more info, including a release date and complete tracklisting.

Until next time, keep fit and have fun.

Ya’ll play the rear. This whole year? My year.


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