It’s unlikely that we will ever find out how much of Guru’s final statements were his genuine feelings or those of that shady motherfucker Solar. Undisputed, however, is that the late Keith Elam’s longtime DJ, the one-and-only Premier, has handled himself with class throughout the ordeal.

When I met Guru and Preem, several years ago, it was painfully obvious that things weren’t all peaches-and-cream. I ceased to believe it. Guru and Primo were like macaroni and cheese. Fries and a shake. Even peanut butter and jelly. They worked together to create a whole greater than the parts, and I liked to think that there must be some sort of personal bond that helped foster their magic on wax.

The truth appears to be, however, that egos couldn’t be kept in-check, and by the looks of things, irreparable damage was done. By the time Guru passed, we had long known that Gang Starr was dead. Thankfully, they stuck together to establish an indelible legacy on hip-hop music and culture. Chris Martin, characteristically taking the high road, has shared his view of that legacy with us by compiling classic Gang Starr and some Guru guestspots for a two-hour mix.

Stay classy, Preem.

Rest in peace, Guru.

DJ Premier – Guru Salute Mix

Check out DJ Premier Blog for the tracklist.

UPDATE: Elliot Wilson, founder of RapRadar, posted a well-written editorial today about the drama that surrounds Guru’s passing and the Undying Love that shaped the Gang Starr foundation. He was in the studio for Premier’s mix and has also posted footage of Pete Rock breezing through to pay his respects and Preem discussing his stealthy hospital visit for what would be the final time he saw Guru.


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