Just over a month until the release of the most hyped record to ever come from a Canadian artist, Drake’s Young Money debut Thank Me Later. But how long until the project leaks? For Aubrey’s sake and the sake of the industry, I hope its not too early. Looks like some insiders are getting a sneak peek, which means the Young Money fam might want to get a plumber on speed dial. The first reports I have read come via MTL’s top shotta blogga Marcus Troy, who attended a private listening lats night in Toronto. They are overwhelmingly positive. Selections from his twitter feed:

Drakes album is going to smash peoples mind

Jay-z verse is so hard! I run the city but dont do much jogging.

Drake Album is very dope! I think the skeptics are going to love it. The Jay track n the jeezy track n the swizz track are 3 dope records.

The production on Drakes Album sounds stellar and will bump hard in the club. A great mix of rap and some melody not overtop singing.

Sounds promising. To hold us over in the meantime, Drizzy just dropped his best video to date: a Belly-esque trip to The Gully side of Kingston for the Kanye produced “Find Your Love.” The video guest stars one of Yard’s finest, Mavado, who is rumored to be featured on an upcoming remix to the single. In addition, an unfinished track featuring his Martian boss (and, from the sounds of it, Underground King Bun B) that is supposed to appear on the final cut, tentatively titled “Miss Me.


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