Thank Me Early.

As I foresaw in a post just one week ago, Wheelchair Drizzy’s long awaited debut long play has made it’s way onto the Internets with just under two weeks remaining until it hits iTunes and store shelves. Damn shame, really. I feel like dude has provided enough free music throughout the year to warrant an untainted release. And I was interested to see what kind of first week sales numbers would be rung up. There seems to be a rat in the team.

Some respected bloggers are taking the high road with the best interests of the industry in mind, meaning that Thank Me Later is still likely to become the best opening week of any hip-hop debut in the genre’s history. That is a pretty massive accomplishment for a half-Jewish, former teen actor from Toronto.

Aubrey and the OVO crew seem to be handling the leak well.

Well, then, here you go.

DOWNLOAD: Drake – Thank Me Later

If you like young’n’s music, buy it at your local record store or on iTunes June 15. I’m looking forward to getting my mitts on a hard copy upon my return home in August.

RELATED: The cutting-room material from this thing are hotter than most people’s whole album. Real talk. Thanks, YN.

More detailed thoughts to come. Still letting this one simmer.


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