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Free Music Friday.

Though this is the first time you have read about Freddie Gibbs here, best believe the young’n has been on my radar (no YN) not a hot minute now. The Midwest’s top alum of XXL’s 2010 Freshman Class has been nothing short of consistent. midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik was one of the best mixtapes of ’09, and his string of guest appearances has been impressive. Now, in anticipation for his Str8 Killa EP to be delivered August 3rd, Gangsta Gibbs releases a free mixtape with appearances from the likes of Bun B, Pill, and Jay Rock. With Statik Selektah on the hook for hosting duties, this promises to be another solid product.

DOWNLOAD: Freddie Gibbs – Str8 Killa, No Filla Mixtape [Direct Link]

Click for Tracklist

By delivering a pair of standout guest verses for The Roots’ How I Got Over, STS (formerly Sugar Tongue Slim) took his rap game to the next level. He clearly already garnered the attention of The Teacha, as well as this teacher, and now looks to do the same on a wider scale with this free EP released in conjunction with Though it acts as a bit of a tease at only six tracks, let’s hope this is a precursor for things to come in the near future.



Wheelchair Drizzy.

Pardon me, I had to laugh at that.

Sorry for the recent lull. Been sick and busy with the side hustle. Will return shortly to your regularly scheduled program.

I know Officer Rozay is excited about the upcoming review of Teflon Don. I was able to capture his reaction when he heard the news:

I can only hope you share his sentiment.

Images courtesy the always-entertaining IMNOTATOY.


Oh Yes.

The youngest Jackson brother – that other Michael Jackson – is back at it, and the growth continues. Featuring a dope Reggie Noble sample on the hook and Oh Knuckle’s even-improving rhyme skills, this one proves why Stones Throw remains a set not to be fucked with and why I’m heavily anticipating the release of GANGRENE, his collobarive project with Alchemist, currently slated to drop in September.

DOWNLOAD: Oh No – “Chaos”

Courtesy: VTech


Going Once, Going Twice.

The younger and more talented Thornton Brother is trying to make moves on his own. Lord willin’, his solo effort will see the light of day sooner rather than later. In this here freestyle, Push-A-Ton suggests that he’s got label execs battling for his services, and judging my the way he treats this beat, I have no reason to doubt his claims. Miss Info says a mixtape is coming first, currently scheduled for September 14. In the meantime, pop Till The Casket Drops back in the deck playlist and prepare for the steady stream of leaks that is sure to follow. Ugggck.

UPDATE: Seems like a match made in heaven. Though mum is the word, Pusha isn’t too good at keeping a secret and it looks like he will be linking up with Kanye and the G.O.O.D. Music fam.


Good Ass Album.

“Power” was clearly a step in the right direction for fans of Kanye’s pre-808s and Heartbreaks material, your humble narrator included. But judging by this rumored tracklist for the upcoming Good Ass Job, it’s just the beginning:

1. Hell Of a Life (feat. Lil’ Wayne) [Kanye West x DJ Toomp]
2. Dark Fantasy [RZA]
3. Power [S1]
4. Chain Heavy (feat. Eminem x Jay-Z) [Kanye West]
5. Ghetto University (feat. T.I.) [Kanye West x DJ Toomp]
6. That’s My Girl (feat. Katy Perry x Kid Cudi) [Kanye West x Jon Brion]
7. Runaway [Kanye West x Q-Tip]
8. Lost In The World (feat. Nicki Minaj x Rick Ross) [Kanye West x No I.D.]
9. Gorgeous (Ode To Kardashians) (feat. Drake x Game x Ludacris) [Kanye West]
10. Monster [Kanye West x DJ Premier]
11. Holding Me Back (feat. Mos Def x Talib Kweli x Phonte) [Kanye West x Madlib]
12. Devil In a New Dress [Pete Rock]
13. The Joy (feat. Common x John Legend) [Kanye West]
14. So Appalled (feat. Drake x Jamie Foxx) [Kanye West x No I.D.]
15. Blame Game [DJ Toomp]
16. Sweat On My Face [DJ Premier]

Good. Lord. Weezy, The Abbot, Slim, Hov, TIP (x2), Cudder, Rozay, Drizzy, Luda, MADLIB (!!!), Dante, Kweli, Phonte (!!!), PR, Com, and Preme (!!!). Are you fucking kidding, Yeezy? Has there ever been an album with such an impressive cast, mixing the best of yesterday and today in one magnum opus? If this is indeed how Kanye decided to return from hiatus, he is doing so in grand style. Though September leaves plenty of time for changes to be made, I would be forever grateful if we received this in its current rumored form.


Get Hooked.

Well, the inevitable has occurred, and Rozay’s Teflon Don has leaked in its entirety. Early impressions? It’s not quite the classic Deeper Than Rap was, perhaps due to an overabundance of guest spots, but it’s a really good complete package none the less. Won’t stop me from copping it when I land back on Canadian soil in T-minus two weeks time.

I won’t post the complete leak in hopes that you will support Rawse at your local record shop next Tuesday, but I will post this iTunes bonus, featuring The Wu’s head Chef, for those of you who decide to go hard copy. So addictive.

DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross f/ Raekwon – “Audio Meth” (prod. The Runners)


RELATED: Missed this when it dropped earlier this week, but better late then never. No pregnancy scare.

Complex mag takes us on a guided tour through Officer Ricky’s sneaker game in that they call his Greatest Footwear Moments. You know Bosses must stay fresh dipped, and Rozay is no exception.


Back At It.

Aubrey just can’t leave the mic alone. Fresh out the frying pan into the fire. I say get it while the gettin’s good. Pause.

UPDATE: Not sure the origins of this joint, but methinks it sounds mighty fine.

DOWNLOAD: Drake – Do It All

Shout: NewSauga