Flying High.

Though I’m not as high on Spitta as some, young’n has long had heads buzzing like vuvuzelas thanks in part to his work alongside some of the game’s top names. At the same time, dude has been toiling for a hot minute now and is still yet to really blow. Pause. He first popped up on BET more than three years ago with a co-sign from Weezy F., which has essentially been the Midas touch as of late. His mug graced the cover of XXL’s Freshman issue… back in 2009. And most recently, he’s been working with backpacker favorites like Mos Def and Jay Elec as part of Dame Dash’s DD172 v-neck hipster collective. For some reason, Curren$y just can’t seem to make the leap.

Will this tape be the stepping stone to the upper ranks? Time will tell. But I don’t see it happening in the same way it did for his homey Wiz. The BBC and Supras don’t bait me. Perhaps it’s the dollar sign, perhaps it’s the lazy flow, but I view Spitta as a sort of evolutionary Ma$e. This day in hate age, that just won’t cut it.

Regardless, your humble narrator is here with the product. And truth be told, this being hot off the presses MegaUpload, I haven’t even given a listen yet. I’m just prepared to be underwhelmed. The c-section is always open for any dissident interpretations.

DOWNLOAD: Curren$y – Pilot Talk Mixtape


1 Response to “Flying High.”

  1. July 14, 2010 at 00:41

    Valid points on all fronts. I’ve got to admit I downloaded it and put it on blast the minute it was up.

    Although I do enjoy it a lot, Pilot Talk isn’t as exciting as I had hoped either. I think the reason I like Curren$y so much is the lazy flow. He’s got pretty atypical hood dude swag but is juxtaposed over spacey glitch hop beats. You don’t get that very often unless you tread into questionable remix/mash-up territory. It’s a nice contrast for me.

    But you’re totally right, Curren$y probably won’t be driving much more than his El Camino with rims for as long as I can see, but I’m cool with that.

    I can’t emphasize enough how much I like his production choices. Some highlights:

    – Audio Dope II
    – King Kong
    – Roasted
    – The Day
    – Address


    “…I view Spitta as a sort of evolutionary Ma$e.”

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