The Fat Lady Sings.

Earlier this week, quintessential Golden Era vinyl retailer/underground record label Fat Beats Records permanently closed the doors on its Big Apple location. The LA branch will shut shit down next Friday. FatBeats.com, however, ain’t going nowhere.

Needless to say, this is a sad day for diggers, not only in NYC and the City of Angels, but worldwide. By eliminating two of the true hip-hop meccas, it seems as though the remaining vinyl enthusiasts are conceding defeat to the Serato/iTunes revolution. Can music survive on wax now that two of the pantheon record shops have been shut down? Besides being heavy and impractical, the immediacy of the interwebs seems to have rendered vinyl useless. Though I’m sure niche purists will always stand by the snap-crackle-pop of the black biscuit, there is no question that this decision stands as far more than just a business decision.

In commemoration of Fat Beats’ contribution to the game, Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg has released a three-piece mix of his favorites from hip-hop’s best years. Peep. And remember: a little dust on the fingers never hurt nobody.

Jewstream Fat Beats Mix 1

Jewstream Fat Beats Mix 2

Jewstream Fat Beats Mix 3

Below, demonstrations and reminiscence from Preem, Just Blaze, and A-Trak.


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