Label Fiasco.

Not so long ago, Lupe Fiasco was being mentioned as one of the best young hip-hop artists, considered to already be an elite level lyricist after just two albums released. After huge critical success for his debut, Food and Liquor, and surprising commercial response to his follow-up, The Cool, Lupe seemed on the road for super-stardom.

Perhaps, though, his own lyrical prowess has lead to a roadblock. Having submitted his third solo effort, Lasers, to Atlantic Records early in 2010, Lupe has been patiently waiting on the label to make a move with the release. The problem seems to be finding a single that bigwigs think will point the album in the right direction on the charts. Maybe Wasalu should have taken his own advice and dumbed it down.

Lucky for his fans – many of whom petitioned the label in efforts to hasten the release – it appears that Lasers will finally hit store shelves in March of next year.

As a celebration for the scheduling, Lupe’s team has let go of a packed remix of his Neptunes produced single “I’m Beaming” that was released earlier this year. Seems Lupe has rounded up most of the All-City Chess Club for this one, and a fine collective they make.

DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco f/ Asher Roth, Charles Hamilton, The Cool Kids, Blu, Diggy, Dosage, B.o.B. – “I’m Beaming (Remix)”

Props: HHNM


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