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Bawse Moves.

The Source Magazine’s Man of the Year adds an exclamation point to a phenomenal 2010 campaign with his new Ashes to Ashes mixtape. With features from Khalifa, TI, and possible Maybach Music sginee Wale, as well as production from Lex Lugar and Boi-1d, Rozay goes all out for yet another quality, free release courtesy of the MMG. Bawsey. No Kelis.

DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross – Ashes to Ashes mixtape

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Six Foot Seven.

I got through that sentence like a subject and a predicate.

Not quite 6’7″, but Weezy same sure is sounding like a giant now that he has left Rikers in his rear-view. Flex dropped this one a little earlier than expected, but I haven’t heard any complaining thus far. Pardon the tired expression, but this shit goes hard: Wayne himself called his latest “A Millie” on HGH during last night’s phone-in with Drama, and he wasn’t playing. With a virtual “How To” guide for aspiring punchline rappers, Tunchi enters a late candidate for “Track of 2010” consideration. Let’s see if Cory Gunz can stay around this time once the track blows up radio and video outlets over the next few weeks.

The Carter IV is tentatively scheduled for February. This is a step leap in the right direction for Dwayne’s comeback.

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne f/ Cory Gunz – 6’7″ [No Tags]

And kudos to Bangladesh with a ruthless flip of the Harry Belafonte sample.

Props go to Splash.