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Cheech & Chong.

Ess-en-double-oh-pee and his evolutionary doppelganger come through with their latest ode to everybody’s favorite recreational narcotic. Watching this makes me hate living in Taiwan.



Conscious-type cats who believe that all music must contain a message of positivity, this shit ain’t for you. But if you’re looking for pure entertainment value over all else, best not sleep on the OFWGKTA set.

Wu-Tang meets Slim Shady LP-era Eminem meets Aesop Rock meets Necro meets Beastie Boys meets Cannibal Ox meets DOOM. Confused? Clearly, the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All clique (Odd Future for the sake of keystrokes) is hard to put into any sort of traditional box. But since downloading and rotating most of the 2010 releases from the collective, there have been moments where I have said “this is heavily influenced by…” each of the aforementioned acts. And it’s no coincidence that several of those names are white emcees: the over-the-top content of their projects seems to have more appeal in the ‘burbs and skate parks than amongst any head who came up on Golden Era material.

That’s not a knock on these young’ns, though. Don’t get it twisted. This shit is swag personified. Tyler the Creator, the posse’s elder at only 20, founded the California crew on a basic “WE DON’T GIVE A FUCK” premise, and the uncaged creativity of the projects thus far features no shortage of out-the-box thinking. The chaotic production, the screwed vocals, the drug-fueled lucidity, the hedonism and blasphemy, the vulgar tales of rape and other brutality; it might be too much for many of you. And I understand that. But, frankly, it’s nice to see some young cats who are bringing bold originality to the table, and they contain all of their adolescent outrageousness in incredibly slick packaging.

Though Tyler has taken the lead both musically and promotionally, each individual member (Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, Domo the Genisis, Taco Bennett, Jasper the Fucking Dolphin, Frankie Ocean, and sound engineer Syd tha Kyd, the set’s lone female member) possesses an undeniably unique skill set. Since late in 2009, the OFWGFTA and its members have put out a remarkable 10 projects, headlined by Earl Sweatshirt’s EARL, a ten-track journey through the perverse mind of a 17-year-old phenom that makes me feel damn old. There are rumors that Earl is currently pent up in some sort of boot camp under the demands of his mother, and one spin of his debut solo release will leave little doubt as to why she sent him away.

I could go on for a while describing the nuances that make these dudes worthy of the acclaim they have been receiving over the past several months: a feature article in the newest issue of FADAR, meetings with Dante, and coverage by the NY Times, all without a major label deal in sight. This is a grassroots musical movement is the purest form. And they are doing it all on their own terms. Impressive for some kids who should be spending their days in high school classes. I was quick to dismiss, but the shit has been like fine wine. Don’t make the same mistake. Get acquainted by downloading the plethora of free releases available on the official Odd Future blog. Be prepared. Kill ’em all. And FUCK STEVE HARVEY!

For now, peep the video for “Earl,” a key in the increasing visibility of of the Wolf Gang. In the words of the great Daniel Dumile: This wreck right here? It ain’t for the faint of heart.

The future is now. And an Odd Future, indeed.


Hard As a Motherfucker. Pause.

Disclaimer: TITS is not responsible for any seizures caused by the above image.

Yeezy and Hov going H.A.M. on this one. No Pill. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’ve been tired of Lex Luger behind the boards. With the glaring similarities in every single one of his beats, dude is everything but The Total Package. The shit is starting to make me feel like I’ve been hung on a torture rack.

Getting carried away, I know. Pardon my narcissism.

Watch The Throne currently scheduled for March. Let’s hope this one isn’t a sign of things to come.

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West & Jay-Z – H.A.M. (prod. Lex Luger)

Props to 2DB.



Real n***as do real things.” – Christopher Wallace

Reunited and it feels so good. Pause.

After nearly four years of unfortunate squabbling and pot shots, looks like the two Little Brother alpha dogs have put the pettiness behind them. Though no musical reunion is in the works, we as hip-hop fans shall likely be the benefactors somewhere down the line.

Below is Tiggalo’s take on the reconciliation, via his twitter feed:

Took 4 years, 2 plates of food and 6 hrs. of convo, but we squashed it. #brotherhood.

I appreciate the love for me and @9thwondermusic, but us mending our rift had nothing to do with music and everything to do with manhood.

We may collaborate in time, but this is not the start of a LB reunion as neither of us have interest in doing so. Sorry to disappoint.

Our friendship began as Phonte Coleman and Patrick Douthit long before a ‘LB’ or ‘9th Wonder’ existed. This was about rebuilding that bond.

So in closing, happy new year to all our supporters past and present. Feels great to start the year on a positive note. One love.

If only Big and Pac would have been so reasonable…


Chillin’ in my Maybach.

Ross has been quite candid in regards to his desire to ink Wale and Meek Mill to his Maybach Music Group imprint. Looks like the Bawse has spent some time in the studio with the pair of young gunners recently, and the resultant single reveals just the type of material that could come out of such an alliance could produce. While I haven’t been a big fan of what I have heard from Meek thus far, he comes correct on this track -peep the reference to Monday Night Raw- and DC’s finest displays the hunger that made his early mixtapes so dope and was painfully absent from much of his Interscope debut. At this point, riding in Ricky’s Maybach seems like a sure bet.

DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross f/ Meek Mill & Wale – “Pandemonium”

UPDATE: Fresh off of the success of Teflon Don, Rozay announced his next album will be titled God Forgives, I Don’t, and dropped off a new track to the good folks at Power 105, featuring a guest spot from T.O.’s finest.

DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross f/ Drake – “Made Men”