Harder than a Motherfuckin’ Flintstone.

This is “Yonkers,” written, produced, and directed by Wolf Haley himself. OFWGKTA on the come up. 100,000+ views in 24 hours? Well done, young’n.

“I created O.F. cause I feel we’re more talented than 40 year old rappers talking about Gucci.” – Tyler, the Creator

Indeed. And for anyone hating on the hype in fear the mainstream catching on, Tyler, as usual, doesn’t give a fuck.

For the homies overseas in North America, don’t miss Tyler and Hodgy Beats performing “Sandwitches” with The Roots band on Jimmy Fallon this Wednesday night. Not quite sure how they are going to transform the track into a Made-For-TV version, but should be worth staying up for, regardless. Damn. No Fallon was on cable here in Taiwan.

Fuck Steve Harvey.

UPDATE: If the buzz wasn’t at a fever pitch before, it will be now. Tyler and Hodgy killed ’em all. Mos Def agrees. Hope Earl got to see it. Dude is coming home to something vicious. CLICK TO WATCH.


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