Everybody’s Working.

The spectacular city of Toronto seems to be turning into a hotbed for digital download R&B records. Less than two years after Drake shook up the scene with So Far Gone, fellow T.O. representer Abel Tesfaye, known to the world as The Weeknd, has dropped his nine-track debut House of Balloons for the customer friendly price of free-ninety-nine via his website. The tape picks up where So Far Gone left off, and is similar in many ways to Frank Ocean’s recent Nostalgia, Ultra project. Though little is known about The Weeknd and he has refused to grant inteview requests until sometime next month, we do know that Drizzy and 40 are lending a helping hand, though judging by the sound of HoB, he’s ready to make moves by his lonesome. Don’t let this one slip by.

DOWNLOAD: The Weeknd – House of Baloons Mixtape [Direct Link]

SIDEBAR: OFWGKTA’s Mike G chops-and-screws one of the tape’s highlight tracks, “What You Need.”


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