Blast Off.

After previewing his new video for “FANFARE” last week for those in attendance at Revolver Taipei, the homie LEO37 releases his musings to the rest of the world. Leo Shia, the hustler, is head of The Blast, a hip-hop collective comprised of Taiwan’s premier crate diggers, and an associate mastermind in PPF House, a hub of progressive mixed-media centered in Toronto. LEO37, the musician, is a little harder to put in a box: His wide range of influences can clearly be heard coming through here on “FANFARE” and this joint really only offers a taste of what he offers sonically. The shit is wavvy. If you like what you hear – and if you don’t, get in touch with your local otolaryngologist – peep Leo’s other offerings at his official website or that of the PPF squad. Salute!


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