I ♥ Tuesdays Vol. 14

Except for when my mahfuggin’ system crashes three-quarters of the way through preparation of my weekly blog entry. Then, Tuesdays are super wack.

Besides technical difficulties, word on the street major hip-hop sites report that there won’t be a single new record making its way to your local record store’s hip-hop section this week. So as opposed to my typical, long-winded review of the hottest new shit on the block, I’m forced to keep this week’s column short and sweet.

Miami upstart rapper/producer SpaceGhostPurrp dropped his latest offering GXX XX BXXXX (or God of Black for us non-occult types) last Friday over at the major mixtape sites with heavy assistance from the rest of the Rvider Klvn.  Though this isn’t the first free SGP project to be unsuspectingly dropped upon Internet heads, it is the first since Purrp popped up on the major blog radar with a pair of guest verses and a Parkay-smooth production contribution (“Keep It G”) to A$AP Rocky’s LiveLoveA$AP back in the fall.  Before linking up with the A$AP Mob and transplanting himself to New York City, the 20-year-old Floridian established a name for himself among underground heads with his ultra-raw, lo-fi stylings, clearly drawing from mid-nineties Memphis and the Hypnotize Minds camp to inspire for his sound and aesthetic. No question, the no-holds-barred nature of tracks like “Suck a Dick for 2011” helped put Purrp on with the Pitchfork/Fader crowd, but after proving his worth on Rocky’s classic mixtape and following it up with the heaviness of “Pretty Flacko” on New Year’s Day, hip-hop heads have also began to take notice on a grander scale.

SGP and his Raider Klan associates do little to flip the script here on God of Black.  It’s more poorly mixed, leaned out, unrefined hip-hop that is as nostalgic as it is progressive. Album opener “Mystical Maze” sets the tone with haunting synths, creepy filtration, simplistic 808 drums, and seemingly free-associative lyricism.  While that might not sound like a rousing recommendation, the total package possesses a certain freshness that is refreshing, if not only because this type of ruggedness has been absent in the game for far too long.  “Suck a Dick 2012 After Party” continues where Purrp’s 2011 breakout jam left off, with more uncouth attempts to seduce the ladies. But whereas the original thrived on tongue-in-cheek repetition of the crude hook, Purrp puts on display his unique gift for delivery this go round and makes it evident that he wants to be taken seriously as an emcee. “Low MF Key,” an SGP-produced cut from Klan Amber London, sounds like a Gangsta Boo leftover (even shouting out “1997” as the track wraps), and in an era with so few femcees making quality songs, I mean that as nothing short of a compliment.

Being packaged as an EP probably helps the project in the long run: The persistent gloom gets a little stale, and the intentionally poor sound quality comes off as gimmicky as the tape progresses. Still, for those of you who appreciate continued efforts to bring something new to the table in attempts to expand the scope of the genre – even if it means rehashing past movements with a new twist – this is probably something you can ride to.

If my computer makes it though the week, I’ll be back next Tuesday with a special Valentine’s Day edition, where I will attempt to fully express my love for 星期二.  Until then? It’s The Blast ya’ll.


Originally published February 7, 2012 at theblast-blog.com 

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