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Call My Lawyer.

Unfortunately for Nickel Nine, but fortunately for us, the third installment of Royce’s Bar Exam mixtape series was let out the cage late last night. Score one for the leakers. With Whoo Kid organizing things this go-round, Royce follows a familiar pattern: make other rappers look bad by merking their beats, with a few originals sprinkled in to prove he ain’t no one-trick pony. Pause.

For those of you who still doubt that Royce is one of the best doing it, please download. I can’t wait to see what this man can do with the power of Shady assisting the Slaughterhouse movement.

1. Intro (Most Interesting Man In The World)
2. The Most Interesting Man
3. Go Hard Pt. 1 (Feat. Kid Vishis)
4. On Fire (Feat. Crooked I)
5. Skit
6. Real Hip Hop (Feat. Black Milk & Elzhi)
7. Acapella
8. It’s Over Freestyle
9. Nobody Fuckin’ Wit Us (Feat. Bun B, Crooked I & Joe Budden)
10. Airplanes Freestyle
11. Most Interesting Man In The World Skit #2
12. Beamer, Benz or Bentley (Shady Megamix)
13. I Hate Your Pants (Skinny Jeans)
14. Forever Freestyle
15. In The Club
16. Most Interesting Man In The World Skit #3
17. Go Hard Pt. 2 (Feat. Kid Vishis)
18. Vagina
19. Psycho (Skit)
20. Psycho
21. Drama (Feat. Trick Trick & Junes Flow)
22. I’m Not Slaughterhouse (Interview)
23. 187 (Saigon Response)
24. Most Interesting Man In The World Skit #4
25. Taxi Driver
26. Iceman Skit
27. Lyrical Hitman (Feat. MarvWon)
28. Most Interesting Man In The World Skit #5
29. Spark Yo Brain

DOWNLOAD: Royce Da 5’9″ – The Bar Exam 3 (The Most Interesting Man) Mixtape


Fug It.

We have to wait nearly three more months before Clifford drops a full-length LP, but with help from Drama and MLK, he has managed to put together an impressive cast of producers and guest emcees for his first post-lockdown mixtape project.


1. Jamie Foxx – Intro
2. Welcome Back To The Trap (Produced by Smash Factory)
3. Spazz Out (Produced by Swizz Beatz)
4. Whatcha Saying Tip (Produced by Chuck Diesel)
5. Yeah feat. Lil Wayne (Produced by Lil C)
6. Yeah Ya Know (Produced by DJ Toomp & Lil C)
7. Once Upon A Time
8. Here We Go Again (Produced by Timbaland)
9. Get Yo Girl feat. Rich Kid Rashad (Produced by Jim Jonsin)
10. Like So (Produced by Lil C)
11. Gettin Paid (Produced by Track Slayers)
12. Lil Duval – Fuck A Mixtape Nigga!
13. Really Livin Like That (Produced by DJ Toomp)
14. Whether You Like It Or Not (Produced by Amadeus)
15. Jamie Foxx – Shooting Range
16. No Competition feat. Young Jeezy (Produced by Black Mob)
17. Bitch Who feat. Macboney (Produced by Lil C)
18. Ready Set Go feat. Killer Mike (Produced by No I.D.)
19. Kevin Hart – Fuck A Mixtape
20. Celebration (Produced by J-Rock)
21. Got Your Back feat. Keri Hilson (Produced by DJ Toomp)

DOWNLOAD: T.I. – Fuck a Mixtape


Mafia Music.

The time has arrived. Depending on if Ross can live up to expectations, we might end up considering this a prequel to a classic. Teflon Don July 6. This should tie us over.

Rick Ross – The Albert Anastasia EP

Click for Tracklisting

Courtesy: NR



I don’t do too much bloggin’ / I just run the town, I don’t do to much joggin’

Someone get A1 Plumbing on the phone. Tell ’em the Evil Empire sent you. We will likely be seeing Thank Me Later before the scheduled June 15 release. Whether it is online or on store shelves remains to be seen.

Drake f/ Jay-Z – Light Up (with Tags)

Re-Up: CDQ of the album’s intro, featuring Ms. Alicia Keys, courtesy YN.


Godfather Part 0.

The bad news: hip-hop’s favorite cop has pushed back the release of his fourth solo LP Teflon Don to July 6 as a way to avoid conflict with his new manager.

The good news: a warm-up mixtape, entitled The Albert Anastasia EP is coming in less than 36 hours from the time of this posting. Above is the intro, orchestrated by Mr. Combs himself. Below is the EP’s tracklisting, including the most recent leak, produced by T.O.’s own Boi-1da.

Update: With 24 hours to go, Rosé set free his collabo with Styles P. They go hard. Pause.

1. Diddy Intro (Produced by Infamous)
2. MC Hammer (Produced by Lex Luger)
3. Blowin Money Fast (B.M.F.) (feat. Styles P) (Produced by Lex Luger)
4. Money Maker (Produced by Boi-1da)
5. Gotti Family (feat. Yo Gotti)
6. Fire Hazard (Produced by The Runners)
7. All I Need (feat. Birdman & Trey Songz)
8. Sweet Life (feat. John Legend) (Produced by John Legend)
9. Super High (feat. Ne-Yo) (Produced by DJ Clark Kent)
10. Knife Fight (feat. Kool G. Rap)
11. White Sand Part 2 (feat. Triple C’s)
12. 300 Soldier (Produced by L-Don)
13. Nasty (feat. Masspike Miles)


Might Put on Movie Food.

Mmmm… This shit is Parkay smooth. No homo.

Cam has got his swagger back, and Vado is a problem. The hook? Could do without it. But after hearing verses like these, I’m looking forward to the release of the duo’s Heat In Here v.1 Tuesday.


The U.N. (Cam’ron and Vado) – “Butta”



I present you an alternative to Barry White for those late nights spent with your better half. This seems a little late, considering Aubrey wrote the original, which is quickly accumulating classic slow jam status. Drizzy adds a verse to Ms. Beatz’ Keys’ most recent single.

All Things Fresh. Unwind.

Alicia Keys f/ Drake – “Unthinkable (I’m Ready) Remix”